Known Issues


This page contains a list of the known issues in p:IGI+ at a given version. These issues are fixed as a matter of priority and will be addressed in the next release. Any critical issues will be fixed immediately and a new release provided.


List of know issues in (v1.17.0.2):

  • Spreadsheet - older pages may not open. In older projects the Pyrolysis summary page might might not open as some of the .Any properties have been removed. To open the page remove the properties S2-OM.Any, PI-OM.Any and Sh-OSI.Any which have been removed from the system. This is not a critical issue.
  • Properties Hist data src, and Hist entry date have been wrongly assigned a unit of measure. They are still text properties and will function as such, but pages that include them will be lost when we remove the units in the next release of p:IGI+.
  • Storing VERY large integers. Entering very (unrealistically!) large values to integer based properties causes the application to crash.

List of know issues in (v1.14.0.3):

  • Graphs - zooming into some overlays / changing units can cause a crash. We are aware that for some graphs if you zoom in a massive amount this can cause overlays to draw slowly and the application to become unresponsive, and eventually crash. This can also occur when changing units, as this can act like a single large scale zoom. We are working on a fix for this. 
  • Spreadsheet - some pages don't open. In older projects the Pyrolysis summary page might might not open as some of the properties have been removed. To open the page remove the properties S2-OM.Any, PI-OM.Any and Sh-OSI.Any which have been removed from the system.
  • Merge unit conversion issue. Merge does not convert units when attempting to merge samples, so depths in feet and meters would be incorrectly merged if care is not taken.
  • Network drives. Working on network drives will not currently function unless they are mapped to a local drive. There has been a long standing issue with working on network drives and we are planning to address this.

List of know issues in (v1.11.0.3, fixed in v1.13.0):

  • Import - running slowly for large files. We are exploring why import can run relatively slowly when importing large files. We hope to address this shortly.

List of know issues in (v1.4.0.3, fixed in 1.7.2):

  • Import - GC and Gas indicators don't change automatically. This is very much an edge case, but we are aware that if you change for example from a Gas to a Molecular analysis on the import linking screen, the list of available indicators don't update. You can get around this by using the property edit button to select the new property form scratch. This will be fixed in the next version we release.
  • Spreadsheet - the source of Any properties is not shown. In this version if you apply e.g. the TOC.Any property, in this version you are not correctly informed of the source analysis for the property - all results will show e.g. 1.2 (Any), wrongly showing the source as Any.
  • p:IGI+ must run with the decimal separator set to the full stop. It is important that your local region is set to one that uses a full stop (.) as the decimal separator for numbers (not the comma (,)). You can either change your region settings to one that uses a (.) or modify the decimal separator alone to be (.). We are working on a better fix for this issue in the longer term. 

List of know issues (in v1.2.1, fixed in v1.4.0.3):

  • Property Block operator.Well is not properly defined in the system. There is an issue with the property Block operator.Well, which does not correctly link on import. We advise users not to use this property until the next release version is provided.

List of know issues (in v1.1.3, fixed in v1.2.1)

  • Undo of overlay edits once the graph has been significantly changed / deleted. If you undo overlay edit past the creation of a graph (i.e. also undo the creation of the graph) then redo will not correctly redo the overlays edits, but will rather take you immediately to the last version of the overlay items. This also applies to undoing the change of axis property or unit on a graph - at this point undoing this will then not correctly redo overlay change. We believe you are very unlikely to see this in operational use.
  • Creating a new graph in a project after deleting one in another project. This is a very specific situation and will be most often seen when you create a new project, create a histogram, delete the histogram, create another new project, create a scatterplot (without importing any data). In this case some errors will be added to the log file, and editing the axes through graph manager, and zooming to data, will not function properly. We believe you are very unlikely to encounter this issue in operational use.
  • Unit conversion issue. The conversion to units of degrees Centigrade per 100m is incorrect, and currently provides a value 100 times too large. Thermal gradients reported in degrees Centigrade per kilometer and degrees Farenheit per 100 feet are correct. This has been fixed and will be made available in the next release. 
  • Bulk change will not work changing from Gas to GC data. If you try and use the bulk change to modify properties in the WOGC and Gas analysis groups it will currently fail. The short term workaround is to individually change these.

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