Welcome to the IGI website

IGI: Integrated Geochemical Interpretation.

Established in 1983, IGI Ltd is a petroleum geochemical consultancy and producer of geochemical software.  Operating worldwide, we offer the following services to the petroleum industry:

  • Consultancy: geochemical interpretation and basin & petroleum systems modelling project work
  • Training Courses: a range of training courses on petroleum geochemistry & basin modelling, and field trips
  • Data and Reports: a suite of geochemical databases/reports for various petroleum-producing regions
  • Software: specialist programs for collating, storing, quality assuring and interpreting geochemical data

With a staff of around thirty, we have two offices:  the geochemistry & basin modelling consultancy and administrative staff are based in a rural setting just outside Bideford in North Devon, whilst the software office is in the city of Birmingham.

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