The new web-based ig.NET application

IGI Ltd are pleased to announce the release of the new web-based ig.NET application.

For many years IGI’s ig.NET product has enabled Petroleum Geochemistry and Basin Modelling knowledge to be explored, accessed and utilised in an easy to use, integrated manner. With the move to a web-based version you are able to access this growing knowledge resource on any device that has a web browser and internet connection. You can now browse ig.NET from your phone, tablet, Mac or PC.

Why have we moved to a web-based system?

To date ig.NET has been provided to clients as an application, in a customised browser like tool. We decide to move to a fully web-based system for several reasons:

  • ig.NET will be accessible to all users across an organisation without the need to install software other than a web browser, and on any device with a web browser.
  • IGI can more easily and continuously update the content and this will be available readily to users without the need to install new software.
  • Users can use their preferred browser and its familiar navigation and interaction controls.
  • Users can share resources, as the URLs are persistent.

Are there any downsides?

In moving to a web based system the only significant downside is that an internet connection is required.  We’ve been able to port across all the key features and use modern search technology to make it even easier to find the content you want.

As part of the change we will be updating the licencing model for ig.NET in 2019. During 2018 we are giving users access to both their existing ig.NET applications and the web-based version. Then moving forward only the web-based version will be maintained with new and updated content.

In this first web release we have updated and added content in the following areas:

  • New pages covering Aryl Isoprenoids and β-Carotane.
  • Edits and updates to the Biomarker and high resolution GCMS pages: Diasteranes; Methylhopanes; 28,30-Bisnorhopane; Phenanthrenes; Aromatic Steroids; Benzohopanes; Pregnanes Interpretation; Methylhopanes Interpretation; Biomarker Indicators of Environment Type; Biomarker Indicators of Oxicity and Anoxia; Biomarker Indicators of Water Column Structure; 23,24-Dimethyltriaromatic Steroids as Age Markers.
  • Updates to the following pages: Rock-Eval Parameters; Saturated Hydrocarbons; Saturated Hydrocarbon Distribution and Maturity; Biodegradation Scales; Interpretation of Geochemical Data; Interpretation by Technique; Interpretation by Petroleum System Process; Saturates Gas Chromatography; Carbon Preference Index; Organofacies.
  • Updated References, with 41 new references added, as we bring the literature up to date.
  • Updated the Glossary with 40 new entries and edits to clarify content.

If you are interested in finding out more about ig.NET, please visit the ig.NET web page: https://www.igiltd.com/software/ig-net/


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