p:IGI+ version release

We are pleased to announce the release of version of p:IGI+. This version includes a number of new features and performance enhancements. 

This version includes the following changes with respect to

  • Changed the chronostratigraphy to support 4 levels (Era, Period, Epoch and Age) and enabled user editing in wells and display on depth plots.
  • Further improvements to import – better application of linking templates, faster import of smaller files, many fixes and tweaks to make import more robust.
  • Enabled the user to refresh the Excel file in import (users can change the file and save in Excel while import settings screen is open, then update the view).
  • The equations are formatted nicely in the help system, and content of the help system has been improved for some properties.
  • New analysis groups added for Pyrol and SARA data from Unknown analyses (for when you get older data which has no clear analysis source), HAWK analysis and MRM GCMS and property updates across a range of analysis groups.
  • The page structure for new projects has been updated to add new pages for the new analysis groups.
  • The order of the analysis groups is defined more naturally in the system.
  • The order of properties within some analysis groups has been updated to make them more natural. We are still working on the other analysis groups.
  • New properties / location properties enabling a more complete description of a well or sample location.
  • Aliases for several properties and analyses have been improved to facilitate better auto-linking of imported data.
  • New triplots in the autographs.
  • The pixelmap view has been improved and we have fixed a Windows 10 related bug.
  • Fixed issues with drawing graphs and the order of axes with respect to data and underlays / overlays, and ensuring visual correctness of overlay elements.
  • Fixed concurrency issues in graphs so correct data in correct units will always be shown, and fixed an issue of brushing of invisible points.
  • A number of bug fixes including project property fixes to ensure correct calculation when target unit is not the default unit, bulk update fixes, import memory use fix and improvements to spreadsheet interaction.

We believe this release of p:IGI+ is capable of being used operationally to pursue a basic petroleum systems analysis geochemistry study. It does not yet support the full workflow encompassed in p:IGI-3, but offers unique advantages over p:IGI-3, including a more complete property model, greater interactivity, and all that with undo support for all important operations.

If you wish to explore and test p:IGI+ then an example demo project is available for download from our website.

We’d welcome any feedback you have on p:IGI+, and note that there is a developing online user guide. We intend to develop sections of the user guide as questions arise. There is also a support site which contains some frequently asked questions and can be used to request specific support, along with the email support@igiltd.com.


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