Single client Software Training

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Petroleum Geochemistry Software Training Courses for individual clients

Petroleum software courses delivered to individual clients are offered either in your own office or at IGI’s training facilities and accommodation close to our offices in the North Devon countryside where the magnificent Hallsannery house and grounds provide an ideal training venue. 

Petroleum Geochemistry & Petroleum Database software training is commonly provided to clients who have recently purchased one or more of our software products, at which point the training is provided at a reduced rate, to ensure a quick and efficient in-house product uptake is achieved.

Post purchase periodic training is advised and seen as being beneficial by existing clients, to ensure users are kept abreast of the enhancements and additional features included in our continual software development.

Software training delivered on an individual client basis is flexible in its structure, depending on any specific needs which are present, comprising:

  • p:IGI+ 2-day beginners software course
  • p:IGI+ 1-day client data exploration session, using the software  

Please see below to view the course layout for our p:IGI+ 2-day beginners software course.

If petroleum geochemistry software training is of interest to you, please contact us and we will work with you to design and provide a suitable course which meets your needs.

Please contact us for more information about training courses


Example Course Layout

Introducing p:IGI+
  • Overview of the p:IGI software and its uses
  • New key developments in p:IGI+
  • Menus, toolbars, help features (include FAQs on our Support site)
  • Property model          
  • Journal Log & Undo
 Exploring data pages
  • Create / Delete Samples
  • Analysis vs. Interpretation data views
  • Page functionality
  • Column types, key columns, indicators (bulk change) / Uom / ratio format, equation evaluation
  • Saving page templates
  • Any properties
 Importing p:IGI-2/3 project files
  • p:IGI-2/3 data import pipeline
  • Creating project properties during import
  • Import summary (project overview)
 Well Manager in p:IGI+
  • Importing p:IGI-2/3 well manager files
  • Depth Datums
  • Dealing with Deviation data
  • Dealing with Stratigraphy data
  • Dealing with Temperature data
Data validation #1
  • Sorting
  • Out of range data values
Working with Autographs #1
  • What are autographs? What autographs are provided?
  • Creating and applying colour, shape & symbol palettes
Working with Autographs #2
  • Working with Graph Manager
  • Graph Exploration (axes range, pan, zoom, selection)
  • Graph Layout (axes, graph layers, titles & legends)
  • Using the visual browser
Creating and using Sample Sets
  • Creating Sample Sets from text columns, from data ranges and from graphs
  • Wells as special sample sets
Recap Exercise


Data Import
  • Manual data Import
  • Importing data from Text
  • Importing data from Excel files
  • Import summary (project overview)
Data validation #2
  • Data Harmonisation
  • Merging
User Created Graphs  
  • Creating new graphs (explore graph types)
  • Applying and creating graph interpretive under / overlays
  • Creating a new graph from an imported image underlay
  • Saving graph templates for sharing
  • Depth plots
Additional Features
  • Simple statistics
  • Maps in p:IGI+
  • Using Background Data
Course Review
Final feedback and Q&A