Software Training


IGI will be holding its next multiclient small group 2 day p:IGI+ software training course in 2020 (dates TBA) at our offices in Devon, UK. Please follow the Multi-client link below for more information.


IGI offers a range of software training courses to provide our clients the confidence and knowledge required to get the most out of our software products. In particular we provide two types of Petroleum Geochemistry software course:

  • Single client  - designed specifically for your company’s needs, and usually held in your own offices
  • Multi-client - open to all, held in Devon

Our Petroleum Geochemistry software training courses comprise of both presentations and computer workshops to provide hands-on experience with the software.  

If you have your own ideas for the ideal training course, please do contact us and we will work with you to design and provide it for you.

  Please contact us for more information about training courses