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Multi-Client small group courses available


IGI will be holding small group 5 day Basin and Petroleum Systems modelling and Petroleum Geochemistry training courses in May 2019 at our offices in Devon, UK.


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These courses will be for up to 8 attendees, enabling a very interactive learning experience.  

Please see below for the modules covered on these courses.


5 Day Basin & Petroleum Systems Modelling Course

13 - 17 May 2019

Location: Devon, UK

The 5 Day Basin & Petroleum Systems Modelling (BPSM) course is a balanced combination between theoretical background and hands-on basin and petroleum systems modelling (BPSM). It will equip attendees with the ability to build and critically evaluate BPSMs, from thermal model parameterization and source rock characterization, through petroleum generation and migration processes, to hydrocarbon trapping and basin/prospect de-risking.

During the course we will provide temporary licenses of Zetaware (1D and 3D modelling) and TecMod-2D, together with real datasets, to experiment and discuss the usage of BPSM in petroleum exploration. Attendees are also welcome to present a particular case for debate and/or modelling.

Who needs this program?

This training program is designed for explorationists who are (or will become) involved in the development or the assessment of petroleum systems models. A basic understanding of the geology of sedimentary basins is the only requirement to fully benefit from this course.

List of modules covered:

  • Introduction to basin and petroleum systems modelling  (BPSM)
  • Fundamental 1-D modelling inputs and constraints
  • Thermal model calibration: temperature and maturity data
  • Overview of  sedimentary basins tectonic settings and geothermics
  • Rift basins forming processes, subsidence and heatflow
  • Source rock deposition, kerogen types and organofacies
  • Source rock kinetics and hydrocarbon expulsion potential
  • Introduction to 3-D basin modelling software
  • Hydrocarbon generation & expulsion
  • Driving forces and styles of hydrocarbon migration
  • Principles and methodologies of risk analysis in BPSM

List of workshops:

  • Building 1-D models, inputs and constraints
  • Calibrating 1-D models in the context of the basin
  • Using pseudo-wells to rapidly assess the prospectivity of a basin
  • Investigating rift basin forming processes and thermal models in 2-D
  • 2-D model of a Viking Graben transect (North Sea)
  • 2-D model of a Vøring basin transect (Norwegian Margin)
  • Parameterization of source rocks
  • Building map-based 3-D models
  • Thermal calibration of map-based 3-D models
  • Model hydrocarbon migration in Trinity (T-3)
  • Model phase & volumes of trapped hydrocarbons (PVT models)
  • Model assessment, uncertainty and risk analysis
  • Data management and visualization

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5 Day Petroleum Geochemistry Course

20 - 24 May 2019  

Location: Devon, UK

This course has been developed to better equip attendees to interpret petroleum geochemical data and reports that use such data, whether for oils, gases or source rocks. Attendees will also be able to make informed decisions relating to the commissioning of sampling/analysis for petroleum geochemical data, and understand the questions that geochemistry can provide answers to.

This course will provide temporary licences for the p:IGI-3 geochemical interpretation software for use during the course.  This program will present a detailed understanding of how to apply molecular and isotopic data in petroleum geochemistry, including the various challenges in their use, drawing on extensive experience and case studies from around the world.

Who needs this program?

This training program is developed and designed for mid to senior level explorationists. Some basic experience of petroleum geochemistry would be beneficial but is not essential. Petroleum Geochemists with moderate experience would also benefit from the course.

List of Modules covered:

  • Introduction To Petroleum Geochemistry
  • Sampling And Geochemical Analyses
  • Introduction To Molecular Geochemistry
  • Biomarkers In Oils & Source Rocks
  • Biomarkers: Origin And Source
  • Biomarkers: Depositional Environment
  • Biomarkers: Source Rock Age
  • Maturity Assessment Using Molecular Data
  • Petroleum Alteration: Migration And Fractionation
  • Petroleum Alteration: Biodegradation
  • Reservoir Geochemistry
  • Oil Mixing & Contamination
  • Stable Isotopes In Petroleum Geochemistry
  • Oil-Oil And Oil-Source Correlations: Theory
  • Oil – Oil And Oil Source Correlations: Case Histories
  • Introduction to Gas Geochemistry
  • Generation and alteration of hydrocarbon gases: Theory
  • Stable isotope geochemistry of hydrocarbon gases: Theory
  • Modelling the source and maturity of hydrocarbon gases: Workshops
  • Assessing mixing and alteration of hydrocarbon gases: Workshops

Appropriate workshop modules are also included in the course

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Fees & Booking

The cost for each of the full 5-day training course is £2600 + VAT

This price includes tuition, course notes and lunches

Local accommodation is available nearby.  If you would like to book a place on a course, please return the form below, or contact us using the email contact form below:


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