Changes from the p:IGI-3 model


We have significantly updated the property model (columns) across the IGI software in Metis and p:IGI+, compared with p:IGI-3. This page explains the changes of the IGI property model relative to the p:IGI-3 model.

Usage:  Throughout the system

The relation to p:IGI-3's property model

Entering data into p:IGI-3 required the user to give careful consideration as to the sample type in question, as many of the property columns present held multiple definitions dependent on the analytical method used to derive the data. It was therefore necessary to accompany a sample value with associated metadata. This often required the use of User Defined columns given the limited metadata properties provided on the default data pages. Samples in p:IGI-3 were often spread over multiple rows in order to capture all relevant reported data. For molecular and gas data the limited property model storage capacity often led to data omission. An additional limitation of the p:IGI-3 data model was the inability to cross correlate identical geochemical properties from differing analytical techniques against one another.

Confusion was also evident throughout the property model from:

  • Non-specific combinations of property unit and ratio format (especially vs. the descriptive equation in the software information bar)
  • Misleading unit conversion between data measurements (gas data)

The new IGI property model provides a comprehensive and meaningful property model which provides our software users with the ability to correctly record their data and associated metadata, while also providing an appropriate means for intelligent interpretation given knowledge of how the data were acquired.

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