p:IGI+ Demo Project


In order for IGI software users and potential new users to successfully and comprehensively evaluate p:IGI+ a demo project is made available with every release

Version: p:IGI+ (Jan 2018)

Usage:  Project --> Open...

How to use in practice

p:IGI+ Demo Project

demo map


With each release of p:IGI+, IGI Ltd provides a demonstration project file with a project already populated with data. This ensures there is no barrier to use for current or new users wishing to evaluate the software or published new features.

Access to the available demo project can be found on the p:IGI+ Downloads page

The Demo Project Contents

The project consists of data related to 6 wells extracted from IGI Ltd's commercial East Coast Canada Geochemical Database, situated on the East Canadian continental shelf off Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. Once open the user will see an extensively populated artefact manager from which the project data can be explored using a range of graphs, spreadsheets (laid out according to analytical approach or interpretation goal),  palettes, sample sets, project data overviews or statistical investigations.

With no restriction or limitation to the project or the included data, not only can the default loaded project data be viewed and interpretation features tested, but also p:IGI+ import functions can be trialled with the import of new data from p:IGI-3, Text files, Excel files.   

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