Exporting Data from p:IGI+



Data can be exported from p:IGI+ files. This is used to either transfer data between p:IGI+ projects or export it for use in other applications.

Version: p:IGI+ 1.7.2 and (Aug 2017, Jan 2018)

Usage:  Project --> Export data...

How to use in practice

Data Export


The Export window provides a number of export options:

  • Export all project data - for this option just define a file save location in the File: cell. Opting to export all project data only exports properties which have data assigned to them.
  • Export just a page - for this option select a desired page to export from the Filter properties (columns) by page... link. Multiple pages can be selected and if done pages will be joined together in the order listed. When an export is filtered by page all of the properties present on the page will be exported, regardless as to the presence of data.
  • Export just a sample set - for this option select a desired sample set to export from the Filter samples (rows) by sample set... link. Multiple sample sets can be selected (e.g. Dynamic  or Static Sample set and Special well sample set) and if done will be joined together using the 'and' connective command. When an export is filtered by sample set the exports conducts an all project data export but with only the data relevant to the sample set applied.
  • Export a combination of page and sample set - for this option select a desired page and sample set from the appropriate filter links. Here all properties present on the page will be exported with only the data present relative to the applied sample set.

To assist with subsequent imports to future p:IGI+ files it is advised to always opt to create linking template for p:IGI+ import?

Exporting .Any Properties

If an .Any property is listed on a page or has been populated within a project, it will not be included in the export file. Instead the export will comprise the component raw properties which were populated initially ahead of the .Any property being populated (an example snapshot is shown here – not all the raw TOC.Analysis groups are shown)

Any export


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