Editing Graphs


Once created, a graph can be controlled & manipulated/edited to assist with interpretation and in readiness for reporting and publishing. 

Version: p:IGI+ 1.7.2+ (Aug 2017)

Usage:  Graph --> Open graph manager...

How to use in practice

Graph Manager 

Graph Manager full


Graph Manager enables the user to control the presentation of the graph, and interact with the data presented on the graph.

Axis properties, axis ranges, axis scales, interpretation layers and graph presentation, can be edited for the selected (active) graph through Graph Manager using the Layout and Axes tabs. The Exploration tab will be dealt with separately: Brushing data and visual query.

Only one instance of Graph Manager can ever be open and its context updates relative to the selected graph.

Graph manager can be accessed through the main menu, the toolbar shortcut icon or the right-click menu from the graph itself.

Graph Manager Tabs:

  • Exploration: Provides the main tools to explore and interact with displayed data e.g. Pan/Zoom, select etc... A basic editor allows you to set axis ranges, with the ability to save or restore zoom extents, and provides access to Visual Query once data is selected.
  • Layout: Provides control over the main display of data and the interpretative layers present on a graph. Also provides access into the associated edit modes where appropriate.
  • Axes: Provides detailed control over the axis properties, their ranges and the scale type / orientation. Where possible feedback is provided if you select unsuitable values.

Note that some tabs and tab options only make sense, and are thus only available, for certain graph types. 

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