Metis Discover User Guide

Your guide to using Metis Discover

This page gives you access to the Metis Discover user guide. This supports version 

Metis is a corporate geochemistry data management system and Metis Discover is a web-based portal for exploring data in Metis database. Discover uses the IGI property model, which is explained in detail here.

Upon loading Discover you are shown all the information present in the system:



Finding data in Discover is done two primary ways:

  1. Drawing a polygon and selecting data spatially.
  2. Filtering data based upon it's values.

Once you are happy with the result of the query all of the sample data can be exported. Currently, all of the data for the filtered samples is exported and export is limited to 20,000 samples. Export produces a zip file containing a tab-delimited text file (.tsv) with a linking template file. The text file can be imported easily by most applications: