IGI develops software for geoscience professionals specialising in providing solutions to real geochemical problems. 

pigiPlusSmallOverview169x200IGI provides 3 main software products:

p:IGI - your program for Integrated Geochemical Interpretation
organise, explore and interpret Geochemical Data as part of an integrated petroleum systems analysis.
ig.NET - your centre for Geochemical & Basin Modelling knowledge
extend your knowledge, jog your memory, look up key references and explore key ideas in Geochemistry and Basin Modelling.
Metis - your corporate Geochemical Data Management solution
manage corporate Geochemical Data holdings in a central location accessible to all, with built in quality control.

Our software is designed with the user in focus. Each year we organise a User Group to obtain feedback on our software, and to help us prioritise future developments.

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Developing software in IGI

Our software development team is based in our Birmingham office. Our team works in an agile manner to produce outstanding software. We enjoy a flexible but thorough working practice ensuring that as the team grows we continue to see improvements in our ability to deliver, and the quality of what we deliver. 

The software team is highly skilled, with expertise in diverse areas including database integration, user experience, machine learning, network optimisation, message routing, software architecture and data science. 

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