p:IGI+ version release

We are pleased to announce the release of version This version includes a number of new features and performance enhancements. 

This version includes the following changes with respect to 1.7.2:


  • Import settings screen made more consistent across different import methods
  • Import – added the table detection feature to Excel import to enable easier import of Excel data, especially files directly from labs
  • Geochemistry help is now available at all times throughout the application (key addition is the ability to open on the import linking page)
  • Copy graphs as EMF (vector output for high quality printing)
  • Separately, copy only legends from graphs as EMF or bitmaps (right click over the legend)
  • Change legend scaling so size legend is always correct
  • Added skewness and kurtosis to statistics artefact summary
  • Edited the Geochemistry Help information format: to be consistent with the property model concept we now only display one help entry for each (Property.Analysis Group) instance, we introduced a special view for any properties listing the any property preference order, tidied up presentation and added ability to set URL on help screen for links to ig.NET.
  • Ability to name entries for unassigned and no data in the palettes – this enables the users to use their current project as a ‘project background’ data easily
  • Error logging is more reliable and logs more informative

In addition to these new features we have fixed many issues that were identified in use in this period.

We believe this release of p:IGI+ is capable of being used operationally to pursue a basic petroleum systems analysis geochemistry study. It does not yet support the full workflow encompassed in p:IGI-3, but offers unique advantages over p:IGI-3, including a more complete property model, greater interactivity, and all that with undo support for all important operations.

If you wish to explore and test p:IGI+ then an example demo project is available for download from our website.

We’d welcome any feedback you have on p:IGI+, and note that there is a developing online user guide. We intend to develop sections of the user guide as questions arise. There is also a support site which contains some frequently asked questions and can be used to request specific support, along with the email support@igiltd.com.


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