p:IGI+ version 1.7.2 release

We are pleased to announce the release of version 1.7.2. This version includes a number of new features, changes to the property model and performance enhancements. 

This version includes the following changes with respect to

  • Statistics: there is a new statistics artefact (these are persistent in your project, you can have as many as you want)
    • define the properties you want statistics for
    • calculates min, max, mean, standard deviation, 10th percentile – P10, median (50th percentile), 90th percentile – P90 and inter-quartile range
    • drag and drop sample sets, wells (for filtering)
    • drag and drop palettes (for grouping)
    • bulk change to define units, analyses, indicators
    • save / load templates for frequently calculated statistical summaries
    • live updates for all changes (you might want to close the artefact when making lots of changes, because it will recalculate a lot, but there is a progress bar and things get cancelled effectively when new changes come)
  • Various improvements to import:
    • The Excel import algorithm has been redesigned and now uses a smart, machine learning based algorithm to find tables and headers, and can cope with ion numbers too
    • Linking templates work in the case of units being present or not, identically
    • Aliases are more refined and can now include Greek letters (converted to English equivalents), %, = are left ... enables more autolinking, more efficiently
    • Alias lists have been updated to include new aliases
    • Linking indicator only shown now when the linking template *changes* the property being linked
    • Can have Excel sheets (and text files) open during import
    • All import activity in the linking screen is captured and saved to a log file
  • Better language support – p:IGI+ will let you know if your language is not set correctly (this also ensures that p:IGI+ uses the full stop as the decimal separator not the comma, and tells the user if their locale settings are different, over-riding this just for p:IGI+).
  • Various bug fixes to graph manager, overlays, import, Any properties, sample sets
  • Many changes to the property model:
    • The visual kerogen and VR property models has been updated to provide more flexibility and consistency
    • We have new mudgas and mudgas (corrected) analysis groups, which include many new equations for normalising to mud flow and calculating useful ratios
    • Gas model has been updated to better support gas analysis
    • A new Gasoline GC analysis group has been added, alongside a Gasoline IRMS group
    • Order in which Any properties are returned can now be set, and many have been defined
    • New Extraction and Topping groups have been added to allow recording of topping and extraction associated with specific SAR(A) runs
    • New modes (Shale and Reservoir) have been added to RockEval6
  • The whole application should run faster due to performance tweaks, especially opening and scrolling pages
  • Lithostrat can be assigned to 3 different levels (Group, Member and Formation) and there is control over which of these to show on a depth plot – what level of detail is desired
  • Select all / deselect all on palettes
  • Updated autographs
  • Help window is now independent of p:IGI+ so can stay open during import etc ... help always to hand
  • You can include command line arguments when you run p:IGI+ (this enables you to start p:IGI+ passing in data which gets automatically imported)
  • The error logging is more reliable – if p:IGI+ does go wrong the logs will help us fix it more smoothly
  • Help text and images for the property help can now be added and edited via ig.Share, allowing faster updates
    • Presentation of the help information has been tweaked

There remain some issues that we are aware of:

  • Two features are still ‘hidden’ to external users (because you can have problems if you use them with big data sets):
    • A page to show all properties with data in the system 
    • Background data is available 
    • There are some issues with overlays we are aware of – if you zoom in lots, or change the units on graphs with overlays, the program can run very slowly and will eventually crash

We plan to release updated versions of p:IGI+ on a regular schedule, adding to the feature set contained in this release. We are currently working on support for background data in projects, and the ability to export graphs as vector graphics for inclusion into presentations. If you wish to explore and test p:IGI+ then an example demo project is available for download from our website.

We’d welcome any feedback you have on p:IGI+, and note that there is a developing online user guide. We intend to develop sections of the user guide as questions arise. There is also a support site which contains some frequently asked questions and can be used to request specific support, along with the email support@igiltd.com.


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