p:IGI+ version 1.13.0 release

We are pleased to announce the release of version 1.13.0 of p:IGI+. This version includes a number of new features and performance enhancements. 

This version includes the following changes with respect to



  • Exporting data with a sample set filters data correctly. Exporting data should be quicker overall
  • Fixed an issue where the software could not be closed if an error occurred when loading a project
  • Fixed an issue where integer properties did not display out of range data correctly
  • Fixed an issue on import where the ion channel row did not account for excluded columns correctly. The performance of import has also been improved
  • Fixed an issue in spreadsheet where properties with a codelist could not be edited correctly
  • Fixed an issue when importing very large files (150k+ rows) could cause the software to crash
  • Fixed an issue where journals would not get written properly in certain circumstances
  • Fixed an issue where unassigned palette entries did not work correctly in statistics
  • Fixed an issue with equations not being calculated for properties with apostrophes correctly



  • The default blank project can now be completely customised
  • Artefacts with a sample set or well applied now display the name of the sample set or well within the title bar
  • Improving the logging system to capture the state of the journal to allow better diagnosis of issues when they occur
  • Datums are now assigned when importing data rather than after import. Import should be quicker overall
  • Added the option to show a page that has all properties with data in the project - this is available on the New Page dialogue. Note this feature has a potential issue that creating the page can take quite a long time in large projects. Please be patient and allow the page creation to complete before selecting a default page
  • Import now prefers calculated values wherever possible. If a property value can be calculated (i.e the necessary inputs are present) the calculated value is used, otherwise the value from the file is used. This helps to better support data being imported again after export. Well equations are now calculated on import


Property model additions:

  • New sample, VR and molecular properties
  • The PyrolGSA analysis group has been added
  • Added new chronostrat and lithostrat entries


We believe this release of p:IGI+ is capable of being used operationally to pursue a basic petroleum systems analysis geochemistry study. It does not yet support the full workflow encompassed in p:IGI-3, but offers unique advantages over p:IGI-3, including a more complete property model, greater interactivity, and all that with undo support for all important operations.



If you wish to explore and test p:IGI+ then an example demo project is available for download from our website.

We’d welcome any feedback you have on p:IGI+, and note that there is a developing online user guide. We intend to develop sections of the user guide as questions arise. There is also a support site which contains some frequently asked questions and can be used to request specific support, along with the email support@igiltd.com.


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