UK Oils Database

Recently IGI has accessed a large number of oils from across the UK sector of the North Sea. These have been catalogued, sampled and in partnership with GHGeochem laboratories some of these have been analysed.

We have put together geochemical data reports for these oils, which typically include: whole oil GC, SARA, bulk fraction carbon isotopes and GCMS of saturate and aromatic fractions. Each report includes labelled chromatograms, raw peak data with calculated ratios and summary interpretation plots. Data from each analysis have also been loaded into p:IGI for ease of interpretation. An example data report can be downloaded below.

The available data reports can be purchased for any number of oils. Deliverables will include the pdf report for each oil, raw data files from the laboratory for each oil and a p:IGI file containing data for the oils purchased. We have currently analysed ~40 oils with a further 40 soon to be completed.

The current prices for oil datasets in a single purchase are:

  • 1-5 oils                        £600 (per oil)
  • 6-9 oils                        £450 (per oil)
  • 10-19 oils                    £350 (per oil)
  • 20+ oils                       £300 (per oil)

If you would like further information on our UK Oils Database and upcoming analyses please contact our Data Manager.

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Click to download Download example geochemical data report