Basin & Petroleum Systems modelling

Most of our consultancy studies include some component of basin modelling – typically either 1-D or map-based (pseudo 3-D) modelling, although we can also undertake 2-D basin modelling if required. We mainly use Zetaware’s Genesis and Trinity T3 software for 1-D and pseudo 3-D modelling, although we also have experience with, and licenses for, BasinMod and PetroMod applications.

We are experienced at working on various scales from regional evaluation through license application work and prospect-scale predictions. Common aspects and deliverables of our basin modelling studies include:

  • Source rock maturity prediction & mapping
  • Prediction of timing of hydrocarbon generation and expulsion
  • Running multiple scenarios to test key variables
  • Mapping of potential migration paths from kitchen to traps
  • Prediction of prospect charging: timing, phase and volumes
  • Migration/charge probabilistic maps and risk analysis
  • Assessment of biodegradation risk and other alteration processes

Basin modelling work relies on geochemical data for calibration and inputs for source hydrocarbon potential, so our studies begin with compilation and quality assurance of available appropriate data using our Metis and p:IGI software.

All our consultancy staff have skills and experience in both geochemical interpretation and basin modelling methods, so you can be sure that we have the right people to undertake your project work.

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