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Laura Garner

Petroleum Geochemist/Basin Modeller

Laura joined IGI in 2014 as a Petroleum Geochemist/Basin Modeller. She has a BSc in Physical Geography and an MSc in Petroleum Geochemistry, both from Newcastle University.

Whilst completing her Master’s thesis, Laura spent 3 months working for IFP Energies Nouvelles, France, using the new ‘Rock-Eval 7S’ device to understand the combined variability of carbon and sulphur, within a sulphur-rich marine shale from the North Yorkshire coast. Her experience there allowed her to develop a wider interest in unconventionals, an area of which she hopes to explore further during her time with IGI. In addition to her background in geochemistry, she also has experience using industry-standard basin modelling software such as Genesis, OF-Mod and Trinity.

Laura also has a keen interest in the wider use of GIS within the oil and gas sector. In 2013, she worked for the GIS research department of Ordnance Survey, evaluating the potential of such information systems to provide accurate information to consumers.

Outside of work, Laura is a keen ‘foodie’ and loves to explore the numerous places to eat in the South West! She also enjoys keeping fit and is a regular at her local spinning classes (to burn off the extra calories from all the clotted cream teas!)