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Akinniyi Akinwumiju

Senior Petroleum Geochemist & Basin Modeller

Akinniyi completed his M.Sc. in Applied Petroleum Geoscience with distinction from the University of Derby, UK in 2011, and joined IGI Limited in March, 2012 in a Geoscience Databasing Support role on a contract basis. While working in this support role, he developed a keen interest in basin modelling and became a full-time Geochemist/Basin Modeller in October, 2012.

Prior to his relocation to UK in 2009, he had obtained a B.Sc. in Geology from Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife, Nigeria in 2001, and a M.Sc. in Geology (Petroleum Geology/Sedimentology Option) from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria in 2006. He has experience in seismic interpretation, well logging and correlation, and petrophysical analysis from his previous jobs for consultancy companies in Nigeria. He had also worked as a Physics /Integrated Science teacher, in a community secondary school, during his mandatory national youth service in Nigeria from 2001 to 2002.

During his studies at the University of Derby, he completed various class projects including 3-D facies modelling of Kenilworth Member, Book Cliff using sequence stratigraphic approach; 1-D basin modelling of Liverpool Bay, Irish Basin; interpretation of 2-D seismic data for lead analysis of Block 110, Liverpool Bay (Pilot study) and interpretation of 2-D seismic data for structural analysis of Eakring Field, East Midland, UK. He was also involved in various field studies to evaluate the hydrocarbon potential of subsurface sandstone reservoirs by studying field analogues exposed at Birchen Edge and Colleywell Bay.

For his Master’s thesis, Akinniyi interpreted well logs and 3-D seismic datasets to build and evaluate 3-D structural and facies reservoir models (static) of the Norne field, Norway. He won the Doyle Award for the best result in Applied Petroleum Geoscience (Diploma phase) in 2011, and got a commendation for the outstanding role played in the successful organisation of London Petrophysical Society Open Day at the University of Derby, UK in February, 2012. He possesses a good working knowledge of industry standard software including Genesis, Kingdom Suite and Petrel, and enjoys geology field studies.

Away from work, Akinniyi is an ardent follower of football, enjoys travelling, reading newspapers and technical papers on geoscience. Recently, he has also taken a liking to fishing after a fishing trip to Clovelly, Devon.